Project Description

Intercultural Networks (2009-2010)

XUL Foundation was involved in the Intercultural Network Project between 2009 and 2011. Intercultural Networks is a project launched by the General Management of Coordination of Migration Policy of the Junta de Andalusia Government’s Ministry of Employment that promotes network cooperation, exchange of experiences and communication between entities of the Third Sector in Andalusia whose activity is within the scope of migration, management of cultural diversity and multiculturalism.

XUL Foundation places special emphasis on actions to improve the capabilities for communication and collaboration between the organizations involved in the project and the rest of Andalusian society (non-native and native citizens, public sector and private). In this sense, the team of facilitators at XUL Foundation promoted meetings and training (both face-to-face and virtual) with participatory methodologies, planning actions, information and communications technology, project formulation, and audio-visual creation.

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