We are actively looking for partners to be part of European and international projects

We have wide experience in networking and collaborative work in projects at a local, national, regional, European, and international level. Furthermore, we have the necessary know-how for project formulation in public and private calls and for the submission of project proposals.

If you are an international organization, we invite you to find out more about us and the projects in which we have been involved in order to identify the fields where we can collaborate. The fields in which we specialise are:

  • Projects in which the Living labs methodology can be an added value to make contributions at an intellectual level (for example, investigations or methodology contributions) or at a fieldwork level. We can develop a living lab experience in any field (sustainability, economy, human rights, citizen participation…) or for any public (people of any age or sector of society, organizations, public administration…).
  • Communication and dissemination of European projects: we have wide experience in transnational European projects, especially in matters of communication and dissemination. We deal with communication strategy and digital marketing, image design, management of social networks, and generation of textual, graphic, and audio-visual content.

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