In a world where digitalization is increasingly prevalent, integrating technology into education becomes crucial, especially in creative areas such as art. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our educational project, School ARt Gallery, where art and augmented reality merge to enhance teaching and learning.

Based on the DigCompEdu framework, our project aims to improve the digital skills of art educators. Through the implementation of augmented reality and the use of innovative digital tools, we empower teachers to effectively integrate technology into their teaching practices, thus creating engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students.

Since December 2023, Fundación XUL (Spain), along with the project coordinator EPMA (Czech Republic), and its partners; Consorzio Ro.Ma (Italy), Mistaker Maker (Portugal), and CRHACK LAB (Italy), have been diligently working on the first phase of School Art Gallery. In this initial stage, we have focused on developing an art curriculum for secondary school humanities teachers. This curriculum will not only provide useful tools for educators but also lay the groundwork for our exciting final project: the creation of an interactive mural in collaboration with students and local artists.

The development of digital competencies is essential in this process, which is why School ARt Gallery includes a series of training sessions on an online platform designed to help educators acquire the necessary skills to carry out this innovative project.

Stay tuned for more updates on School ARt Gallery and join us on this journey towards a more creative, digital, and inclusive education!

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