Project Description

Anti-Rumours Network (2014-2018)

The Anti-Rumours Network Initiative is a project promoted by the General Management of Coordination of Migration Policy, under the Government of Andalusia’s Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, looking to respond to prejudices, unfounded opinions and stereotypes affecting immigrants in Andalusia. XUL Foundation is the main agent promoting the network.

The strategy adopted to take action in order to counteract rumours is the coordination of a network of organizations, experts and citizens willing to act voluntarily to identify, halt and dismantle the rumours, so that better management of intercultural coexistence is promoted. A diagnosis of the most common rumours in Andalusia has been developed, as well as materials and communication actions. Besides, we have organized workshops and meetings. More than 40 organizations are currently part of the Anti-Rumours Network in Andalusia.

The role of XUL Foundation in the Anti-Rumours Network, along with its expertise in training and content management, places it in an excellent position to work on this Critical Thinking 4Inclusion project as it is fed by the experience and learning acquired in the Anti-Rumours Network.

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