“The School Art Gallery” is a project co-funded by the National Agency of the Czech Republic within the Erasmus+ program, with a duration of 30 months, starting on December 1st, 2023, and ending on May 31st, 2026.

This is a consortium formed by the coordinating entity “EPMA” (Czech Republic) and four partners: XUL Foundation (Spain), RO.MA (Italy), CRHACK (Italy), and Mistaker Maker (Portugal).

The objectives of the project are to facilitate the digital transition in schools, align school programs and competencies with EU priorities, equip educators with key digital competencies, establish links within the EU learning community, and test the practical application of methodology and digital tools through the creation of school art galleries. The project aims to enhance the importance of artistic disciplines through the application of AR and improve student outcomes in this field.

For this purpose, we will develop a school curriculum, aligning digital competencies, approaches, and pedagogy at the EU level with a focus on artistic disciplines and the practical application of the AR approach in these school subjects. Our goal is to create a community and an online platform to meet the demands of the target groups and the need for an engaging and high-quality learning environment, as well as practical AR application.

The anticipated outcomes of the project include:

  1. A school art curriculum: digital competencies, digital tools, and their advanced application to artistic disciplines.
  2. Training course for teachers and educators on digital competencies and AR tools.
  3. An online student community as an enhanced experience and effective provision of safe places to exchange experiences, as well as connecting schools with stakeholders (street artists, museums, municipalities).


El proyecto “School ARt Gallery” está cofinanciado por el programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea. El contenido de esta página web es responsabilidad exclusiva de Fundación Xul y del consorcio, ni la Comisión Europea, ni la Agencia Nacional Checa son responsables del uso que pueda hacerse de la información difundida.