Project Description

PlásticoLab: (2021)

PlásticoLab is an environmental action laboratory aimed at young people between 18 and 29 years old from Cordoba that aims to deepen the knowledge and practice of a more sustainable and healthy life, reducing the impact on waste we generate, especially plastic.

The idea of ​​the project is to introduce participants to the concept of Zero Waste from a 360º view, discovering and discussing all the ways in which a young person could have less impact at an environmental and social level.

It consists of three online sessions, in addition to a final face-to-face session:

Plastic everywhere

We learn details about the impact of plastic on our health and on the planet, thanks to experts on the subject.

Let’s get rid of plastic

We are on the path towards a life free of plastics. We will investigate our expectations and previous ideas, we will know the methodological proposal, we will establish the development calendar and we will decide the mechanisms and the frequency of communication, in addition to answering questions and receiving proposals and suggestions.

Living without plastic is possible

We have testimonials from people who live a life free of plastics, who will share their experience and keys to action. In addition, this session will serve to learn about our plastic footprint as well as to share the advances and proposals for an effective and lasting reduction of plastic.

In this last meeting we share and learn mutually, we evaluate and extract the main keys of the process, in addition to analyzing the process developed.