Project Description

La Innovadora Social (2010-2014)

La Innovadora Social (The Social Innovator) is a community of social innovators from entrepreneurship, social organizations and public entities that come together to work, share experiences and talent, and take on socially innovative projects.

This community believes that our society faces unprecedented economic, environmental and cultural challenges. We also believe that innovations are the key to transforming these challenges into opportunities to improve the living conditions of people in our immediate communities and around the world.

This project is promoted by the Association for Social Innovation in Andalusia, made up of the following entities :

  • Leitmotiv Consultoría Social
  • Milhojas servicios editoriales
  • Tarifas Blancas
  • Xul Foundation

Xul Foundation worked on the creation of this community between 2011 and 2014. Between 2012 and 2013 we organized a monthly event in Seville with prominent national social innovators, building up a community of some 500 people.

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