Project Description

IYE-LABs (2019-2020)

The IYE-LABs project (Inclusive Youth Environmental – Social Lab For Volunteering) is a transnational cooperation partnership that allows a group of stakeholders from youth, volunteering and social inclusion backgrounds to collaborate in a project aimed to foster inclusive youth environments. IYE-LABs’ specific objective is to promote civic participation of young people (especially those who are most disadvantaged), increasing their social, civic and critical thinking by developing the role of volunteering for social inclusion; young participants will develop innovative solutions to local (but global) social and environmental challenges and will implement them as voluntary projects.

In order to do so, the IYE-LABs consortium has developed a methodology and a training manual inspired by the living labs model. A living lab is a space and a group for the design of collaborative processes that endeavours to promote social innovation. Our methodology is inspired by the process of work that promotes transformation at an individual and collective level by working on conflict resolution and problems whether they are psychological, physical or social. 

Through the scalability of this methodology, we want to test and prove that the living labs and the methodology of the process work are useful and sustainable tools for young people’s motivation and involvement in social volunteering actions, therefore improving their citizen participation and critical thinking about global and local challenges. Our work in this field is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030.

More information:

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