Project Description


The Xul Foundation participates in “EYES: Entrecomp to create Youth Employability and Social Values” (2022-2024). A project within the Erasmus-YOUTH-2021-CB program based on a series of considerations related to the challenges that youth and society in general had to face during the crisis created by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the perspective of working together for reconstruction and a new beginning.

The project’s idea stems from even deeper challenges that exist in the interrelationships between Euro-Mediterranean countries and the youth living in them, aiming to exchange and provide new tools to work on the development of each local society, contributing to preventing massive and uncontrolled migratory phenomena, brain drain, unemployment, and social exclusion.

The project aims to provide young people from the Euro-Mediterranean region with deep knowledge and a set of competencies, based on the Entrecomp model, to create, manage, and lead successful social enterprises, thus contributing to social cohesion and inclusive growth in their own societies. It seeks to find employability alternatives for themselves and their peers, especially for disadvantaged groups.

Thus, among the actions being developed are the following:

  • Mapping the needs, ideas, tools, and best practices related to social entrepreneurship in Mediterranean countries and the EU.
  • Developing educational models to provide young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop social enterprises, and to youth workers to act as multipliers.
  • Supporting the creation of local and online intersectoral networks working to support the creation of new socially impactful businesses.
  • Reinforcing Euro-Mediterranean cooperation to address common youth challenges (unemployment, migration, and post-COVID).

To carry out this project, the participation of young people in general, young entrepreneurs, institutional political agents, and youth workers who will benefit from the tools that will be developed will be necessary. They will also be able to attend various training sessions, both in-person and virtual, and will have access to the manual of best practices that will be developed around the creation of social enterprises. Additionally, two working groups composed of four individuals each (a young person, an entrepreneur, a youth worker, and a political representative) will be created. Two of them will have the opportunity to attend a seminar in Egypt with all expenses paid to implement the work done so far.

You can find more information on the project’s website:

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The completion of EYES is scheduled for February 2024.