Project Description

Digital Twin (2019)

Inappropriate medical treatments sometimes cause illness. This “iatrogenic” side effect leads to 20,000 deaths and costs €10 billion per year to the public healthcare system in France alone. Worldwide, it probably leads to more than 1 million deaths and $1 trillion in healthcare costs.

Part of the solution lies in personalized medicine. Through this European project, Xul and the French startup ExactCure joined to develop Digital Twin, a non-intrusive personalized software health solution able to predict the efficacy and interactions of drugs based on the specific characteristics of each individual (gender, age, weight, etc.) in real-time with the aim to augment and secure the therapy and, therefore, to reduce the impact of inaccurate medications.
This electronic support (simulation, alerts, notification) offers a first-class biotechnology solution (App) for elderly isolated people with chronic diseases and the need for continuous medication intake. Digital Twin seeks to improve their quality of life through quality information, personalized management, and health empowerment.

Xul has led the testing of the App with the collaboration of the Red Cross in Spain through several workshops aimed at the elderly people, based on listening contributions, and observation of their interaction and experience with the tool.