Project Description

Communication of the Comprehensive Plan Palmeras (2019)

The Unión y Esperanza de Las Palmeras Neighbourhood Association, one of the most disadvantaged areas of the city of Córdoba (Spain), has proposed a Comprehensive Plan for this area that includes 51 measures.

With a view to developing the plan, a diagnosis of the neighbourhood has been carried out, which has revealed the need to expand knowledge of the content and scope of the Comprehensive Plan within the neighbourhood itself.

To achieve this, Xul Foundation has worked closely with a group of people from the neighbourhood, training them in oral communication skills so that they could act as interlocutors of the plan with their neighbours. Together with this group, we have designed a communication plan for the residents of the neighbourhood, the dissemination materials of the plan, as well as a video with the support of the Unión y Esperanza de Las Palmeras Neighbourhood Association’ and the Cajasur Foundation.

Plan Integral Palmeras – YouTube