Project Description

Coexistences (2012-2015)

Coexistences is a project that aims to bring the Andalusian population to migration through the approach of people working at traffic lights from a positive perspective based on getting to know the person, their country, customs, the reasons for immigration, etc.  This project also wants to contribute to influencing a positive public image of  migrants as people integrated into society, who act as a driving force for the defence of human rights and the fight against xenophobia.

We got behind the life stories of young sub-Saharan Africans working at traffic lights in the cities of Huelva and Córdoba, producing materials that raise awareness and improve knowledge, as well as a video “Coexistence, people with real stories”. We conducted workshops in schools during two years, with the participation of Christian – one of the protagonists of the video.

To watch this video, please click on the following link: