Project Description

Zero Waste (2020-2022)

Zero Waste: the impact of our choices is a Youth mobility Erasmus+ programme aiming at raising awareness at an individual level, as well as empowering young people, including those with fewer opportunities, to make informed choices and play an active role in the ecological transition through the use of new technologies.

This project is coordinated by InCo Association, Trento, Italy, where the activity will take place. XUL Foundation will participate by training, sending and supporting five young people from Córdoba (Spain). This youth exchange is foreseen to take place between 19-27 October 2020.

Once in Trento, participants will deepen their understanding of what Zero Waste means and create the story of a Zero Waste traveller who is in Trento for 24 hours, following them from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. 

Participants will look at every moment of the day and how a person can reduce their impact on the environment. Then, participants will map out places in Trento that promote a zero-waste lifestyle and help to reduce their footprint. This will be done with the support of one of the Zero Waste Trento group representatives and the sites discovered will be added to the Zero Waste application, coordinated by an organization in the Netherlands. In addition, all the information will then be shared in an online booklet of Zero Waste travel tips and tricks, written and designed by the participants.