XUL Foundation for communication for social change and Development is a branch of the communication for social change agency XUL. It was created in 2007 and aims to develop actions of communication for social change and drive social transformation processes that promote environmental and social sustainability, contributing to the collective and participatory construction of a plural, just society and solidarity.

The XUL Foundation carries out its activities from communication models that favour new models of partnerships and relationships. So, we understand as something traversal promoting networking and the sum of synergies, the equal opportunities without differences in gender, race or status and respects of identity, cultural and environmental values of different communities.

The XUL Foundation in its efforts to build networks is active part of the European network All Digital, the Andalusian Anti-Rumors Network, the living lab Cordoba Social Lab, the Ashoka Venture Board Sevilla of the social entrepreneurship network Ashoka and the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity.

XUL Foundation staff and collaborators have a high social innovation and communication for social change background.


Social Innovation

XUL Foundation supports, promotes, encourages and participates in social innovation projects for the development and application of alternative and effective solutions to social and environmental challenges.

Social innovation responds to the challenge of social inequalities and is an alternative to traditional models of social protection. On the one hand the XUL Foundation is committed to direct intervention, applying innovative methodologies and tools to specific social problems.

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Living Labs

Living labs are open innovation spaces that explore ways of experimentation and collaborative learning to promote citizen innovation processes.

To facilitate these processes, living labs try to build enabling environments that encourage meeting, conversation, exchange and collaboration between diverse people, with different knowledge and different degrees of specialization, in order to develop joint projects.

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Communication for Social Change

The XUL Foundation is dedicated to communication for social change, referred to as communication for sustainable social change and development that places people in the center of the communication process.

In the XUL Foundation we approach communication for social change in two aspects. First of all, projects for social intervention where communication, in its broadest sense, is the field of work itself. Secondly, we undertake communication and dissemination tasks in transnational European projects.

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Citizenship promotion

XUL Foundation promotes and participates in training activities, research and collective generation of knowledge, from dialogic learning for building citizenship.

XUL Foundation is active in different projects to facilitate dialogue and co-creation between different stakeholders, the testing of tools and knowledge for action in the social field for processes of awareness and mobilization to foster citizen participation and the promotion of change in groups and communities.